How to Clean Windows 8 Temp Files

Window operating system automatically creates many temporary files which makes it slower. Windows has a default clean up tool named Disk Cleanup you might be familiar with, which is pretty powerful but not good enough. It can remove few common temp folders files but can’t remove almost all temporary files. If you want to remove all temp files of windows 8 you have to use at list a 3rd parties program along with below tricks.
Clean Windows 8 Temp Files

Window 8 Default Temp File Cleaning Options:-

1st you should utilize windows default clean up options. Along with you can use an additional clean up utility.
windows junck files
To run disk Clean Up Right click on you C drive, from below left click Disk Cleanup button. After appearing disk cleanup window check all the boxes and press OK, to clean all temp files.

Now Press [WIN+R] from keyboard . Write below commands one by one into run box and clean all temporary files. Use (Ctrl + A) to select all.

If you don’t wanna cleanup windows temp files manually you can try Temp File Cleaner Batch File.Which will remove all your temporary files automatically in one click. Just download and click on it to see the magic :)

Download Temp File Cleaner Batch File

One more thing this batch files can’t clear Recent so that you have to clear it manually.

Windows 8 Temp Files Cleaner

There are many free Windows 8 Temp Files Cleaner utility available on internet. Here is my favorite 3 temporary files cleaner for windows 8.

Quick Clean
Quick Clean is an imaging temp files cleaning utility which is created by thewindowsclub. It allows you to access and run the in-built Disk Cleanup Utility and also clean additional junk files.
erase windows 8 temp file

It can clean following junk files :
*.tmp, *.temp, *.chk, *.old, *.gid, *.nch, *.wbk, *.fts, *.ftg, *.$$$, *.err, *.—, *.~*, ~*.*, *.??$, *.___, *.~mp, *._mp, *.prv, *.sik, CHKLIST.MS, *.ilk, *.aps, *.mcp, *.pch, *.$db, *.?$?, *.??~, *.?~?, *.db$, *.^, *._dd, *._detmp, 0*.nch, chklist.*, mscreate.dir, *.diz, *.syd, *.grp, *.cnt and *.~mp.
It doesn’t delete the following files: *.bak, *.thumbs.db, *.log, *log.txt, *.pf files
Download Quick Clean

CCleaner is one of the most popular system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. This program can erase Internet history and other unused files, and cleans up orphaned registry entries and it’s absolutely free. I’d recommend you to use this tool.
clean windows c drive temp files
Download CCleaner

Temp File Cleaner
This is another powerful temporary file cleaner for windows 8. It can quickly remove many unnecessary files from hard disk. It’s cleaning engine scans all accessible user accounts, deleting temporary Internet files, cookies, browser history, recent files list, Windows temp folders, Windows update uninstall files, empties the Recycle Bin, and more.
temp files

Download Temp File Cleaner

One more thing few clean up tools included all windows default Disk Cleanup options. If you use CCleaner you can skip Tips under Window 8 Default Temp File Cleaning options

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