How to Add / Set Password to Windows 7 / 8 Zip File / Folder

Password protected zip folder do the very same job what a folder locker does. But the difference between folder locking and zip locking is that a locked zip file need to extract and folder locker doesn’t. If you need to lock so many files then you should utilize folder locking app rather than using zip locking. Depending upon files it will take time to extract but if that particular folder contains so many files then it will take long time to extract & sometimes it’s irritating. But if you carry important files via USB and you don’t want somebody to access it then zip locking is the best solution for you.

Add Password Windows 7 8 Zip Folder File

Create / Make Password Protected Zip File / Folder in Windows 7 / 8

Probably you may know that Windows XP has an embedded option (Zip File-> Menu-> File-> Add Password…) to add password into zip file (like below image). But unfortunately that option is no longer there in windows 7 and windows 8. May be they forgot to add or reason could be something else.

Since password adding option is missing in windows 7 and 8 we have to use 3rd app to add password to zip file. We shall use winrar to add password to zip file. Do you have winrar installed on your pc? if you have then it’s fine, if not then download & install a trail copy of it. You can even try WinZip and 7-Zip to add password.

1. After successfully intstalled it, you will get few new options in your right click menu (like below image). Now right click on your deasire file or folder, then select Add to archive..

2. Then a new window will appear.

3. Now 1st you have to change archive format to zip because by default rar file will be created. Then select Advanced tab.

4. Here you will get a option named Set password… click on it.

5. Now set you password then press OK. Again OK (very below) to create zip file.

You have successfully added password to zip file. Then check it whether its working or not. If any thing goes wrong then drop few lines below :)