How to Change Windows 8 Tile Icons

In my previous post i have shown how to Add Tiles to Windows 8 Metro Start Menu. In this post i will show how to change windows 8 tile icons. This tweak i discovered 2 days ago. I hope you gonna love this tweak. Being a windows lover i always love to customize windows and try to give it a unique look. If you like to customize windows like you can read my post How to Customize Windows 8 Desktop, for cool desktop customizations tools you can also read Windows 8 Desktop Customization Tools. Change Windows 8 Tile Icon

Windows 8 Change Tile Icons

Do you know where the metro start menu’s applications located? If not no problem i will tell you. It’s located C:Program FilesApplications. Applications folder contains all start menu apps. This folder is not visible to show the folder from windows explorer menu bar’s view tab check the box Hidden file items. But the main problem is this applications folder is not accessible. To change tile icons we have to enter this folder by taking control on it. To take control over the Applications folder 1st you have to read my post Take Ownership of Folder Windows 8 ▪Now enter into applications folder, every metro start menu program folder contains 150×150 and 310×150 dimension .png icon just replace it with your custom .png icon created with Photoshop. See below tweet@rama folder. ▪After that just Restart or Log Off/Log On your PC. ▪To change WinStore icon go to C:WindowsSystem32WinStore ▪You will get Control Panel icon into C:WindowsSystem32ImmersiveControlPanel ▪Internet Explorer icon located into C:Program FilesInternet Explorerimages folder. ▪ Changing Windows Explorer icon is pretty easy. 1st right click on it, then click Advanced from below, then open file locations. After that Right click on it and manually change the icon. change-win-8-tile-icon.png

Don’t forget to take ownership of the folders.

Enjoy and make you metro start menu more attractive. If anything goes wrong, let me know, just drop few lines below.