How To Increase Free Real Organic Instant Website Traffic 2020 |

How To Increase Free Real Organic Instant Website Traffic 2020 

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How to bring 10,000 traffic to the blog daily?

This is the question you should ask yourself before creating your website. Let me tell you, often people create a website first and later search for topics and keywords to write articles. Earlier I used to do the same thing, but when it did not see any benefit, then I adopted some methods which you can also do. Look for a group on social media that is associated with a topic and on which you can promote a link to your post.
First of all, you have to find the keyword which has more traffic and has less competition.
After this, 5 to 10 articles also have to find and write these keywords.
When it is created on your website, then you will have to set a time which you can publish your article.
Share all articles in a group.

After 3 months, 10,000 traffic will start coming to your website, if your topic is important, then traffic can come even more and if nothing special happens then this traffic can be reduced. Therefore, keyword research is very important before creating a blog.

I had a blog that I created on July 4, today on August 11, 150 traffic comes from Google and 50 from my pages.

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