SEO Optimized Blog Post/Article कैसे लिखे ?

SEO Optimized Blog Post/Article कैसे लिखे ? 

If you want to write seo friendly content then many things have to be kept in mind in your content.
I read the articles from Bohot, watched YouTube videos from Bohot. All we had were the things we already follow.

That good article.

Good on page seo.

Good off page seo.

But all these artisans happen when the articles of oars along with your article rank in Google. Then following these things can make your article come first or last.

But this is very difficult, although it is not possible.

Now come to your question, you have asked 5000 traffic a day. 150000 of the month.

it's a good thing.

But it is also difficult.

Can definitely happen.

Do you know that there is a keyword in Google from people who search and the article is not equal.

This is also my suggestion that search for such keywords and write an article in which competition is low and volume is tremendous.

You will definitely get such keywords. That is why you should focus more time on keyword research.

And there is a way you can learn from the News Website.

You have to write on Trending Topics. However, it will help you a lot in social media, because you have to take traffic from social media in this subject first.

In such a situation, if a little work will be done on this subject, then I can easily say that your blog can surely bring traffic up to 5000 or 10,000 even daily.

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