What are some interesting facts related to Google?

What are some interesting facts related to Google?

  1. Google has become synonymous with the Internet today, a common internet user feels that Google has all the information just to search for anything, type it in the search bar and the result has come. Is that really so? After all, where does Google keep so much information and files? Let's find out.
  2. Google first started with a small closed room where two computer science students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, developed a algorithm together to help them find out. Were able to see how a web page and hyperlink on the World Wide Web are connected and what should be their ranking. This software was named as Backrub because it was able to check the backlinks of any web page and prepare their ranking. Later he gave it a new one which is currently known as Google. Initially, it was at their Stanford University campus in California that Google got the first one to

  3.  host as an empty computer server.
  4. Google uses 100% renewable energy to power the servers in its datacenters. Google does not rely on any other external sources for network bandwidth and power. A Google datacenter is able to transfer data at a rate of about 1 petabyte per second. At present, Google has more than 20 datacenters located in different places of the world and all of them are connected by sea on Google's own software based wide area network. Their estimated power consumption is more than 500 mega watts so they have their own network base and also their own power station for power supply to give bandwidth to these servers.
  5. Google has its own AI based patented software which is able to provide information to the network engineer about finding fault in the server by itself and changing the hardware installed in the server within a fixed time period. Google uses redundant power supply and hard drive etc. for its server. Google destroys all of its old replaceable hardware such as hard drives, CPU fans, power supplies, etc. through one machine.
  6. Google has always been in the news due to its unique and powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Most of Google's services are completely automated. They have less men and machines work more. Google has the largest datacenter in the world, which is almost automated and has more than 2 million servers.
  7. Google has developed its own network load balancer called Maglev, which is a very smart network load balancer and it can install new servers manually according to network load and start and shutdown if needed. Is able to get Google already has many resources and hardware for emergencies that are installed and activated immediately if needed.
  8. Google's AI powered Smart Network Traffic Controller is very advanced and keeps an eye on every activity on the server. If any kind of malfunction, tampering or hacking is attempted in the network, it not only prevents it but immediately informs it to the concerned automated machines and network engineer.
  9. Google's web crawling boat or web spider is also smart enough to be able to decide by itself which website, which webpage to scan and how often. Google keeps scanning millions of web pages every day and on this it consumes many tera bytes of data. Its Spider Boat itself generates a ranking list and keeps updating it from time to time based on applicability and updating its database.
  10. All the websites data, images, graphics, audio / video and documents indexed on Google are not from Google but its own website owner or company. It is a wonder of his spider boat that he spends twenty four hours collecting data from different websites and keeps transferring his copy to Google's server. But we never get the credit for its real owner or creator, but Google only takes it. Here on Quora, I have seen that people often write courtesy- Google or Image Source- Google etc. on putting an image, which is completely wrong. The person who owns the property should get credit for it and not Google.
  11. Google is able to complete and display more than 40,000 search requests per second at a time. Google always keeps at least 3 copies of all the types of files saved by its user such as email, images, audio, video and documents, as well as all the photos and text content indexed by its web crawler. Google's data security, installation and management is very good. Google never keeps its data stored on the same data center and server, but for security reasons it is divided into several pieces in encrypted format and separated into different data centers. And store it on the server.
  12. Google never perennially delete or remove any kind of data, but rather those data which have been deleted by their users, web page data which are no longer in existence or in use, cache data etc. They are transferred to a different type of server called Cold Storage Server.

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