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There are  apps in your mobile, so please delete immediately

dangerous mobile apps

According to a report, within the next 5 years, the number of smartphone users will be more than 70 crores. The affordable internet facility has increased the appeal of people behind the smartphone more. Just as people use more and more smartphones, new apps are being launched every day. In such a situation, many people are linking the privacy of the people by making a dangerous app, and their personal data is being linked and going into dangerous hands.

Here we will give you the details of some such apps through which your personal data can be linked to your smartphone. So know about this dangerous 10 app.

1} File Transfer Pro: - (File Transfer Pro)

This is an app that you use to transfer files to your smartphone. This app has the possibility of being malware, experts say that this app should be immediately deleted from your smartphone, as your data can be linked through this app. So if you have put this app on your smartphone, then delete it immediately.

2} Real Time Booster: - (Real Time Booster)

This app is also considered particularly dangerous. And this app can link your smartphone's data. Although, Google has removed this app from the Play Store, but it is still available elsewhere. So do not download it from anywhere else, if it is already in your phone, then you remove this app immediately. Malware has been feared in this app.

3} Brightest LED Flash Light: - (Brightest LED Flashlight)

The use of flashlight flashlight has become increasingly popular nowadays. If you too have downloaded the Brightest LED flash light flashlight in your phone, then there are also threats of malware in it. Therefore, you will have to delete this app from your phone immediately.

4} Free Wi-Fi Pro: - (Free Wi-Fi Pro)

This app seeking free Wi-Fi is extremely dangerous. You should not download it from your phone, and if it is already in your phone, then you should delete this app as soon as possible.

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